3 seater leather sofa



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RUBIE Sofa – 3 seater leather sofa, by Murken Hansen for Freifrau.‎

It was a quilted blanket slung casually over a wooden chair which gave the Berlin design duo Murken Hansen the inspiration for their Rubie model.‎ One key design element are the elegant, flowing lines of the collection – there are no right angles – which give the model a contemporary look and finish it with finesse.‎ The sophisticated interplay between its functional approach and its snug subtility characterises all Rubie models, allowing them to integrate effortlessly into a variety of everyday situations.‎ The original chair, lounge couch, armchair, and bar stool with low or full-height armrests are all available with wire, steel, or wooden frames and feel like a natural part of almost any imaginable interior environment.‎

Further info from manufacturer on RUBIE LOUNGE COUCH Freifrau

Height | Altezza | Höhe: 82 cm
Width | Larghezza | Breite: 165 / 195 / 225 cm
Depth | Profondità | Tiefe: 85 cm
Seat height | Altezza seduta | Sitzhöhe: 42 cm
Armrest height | Altezza braccioli | Armlehnenhöhe: 60 cm

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